Exploring Complexity: Navigating SDK Integration and App Services

The meeting discussed the integration of Customer IO with the Weweb platform using Flutter. The participants mentioned that certain aspects work well with Flutter, but when it comes to iOS integration and specific hooks in the notification service, it becomes more complex. They noted that while the rest of the system is easy to work with due to the no-code approach, this particular integration accounts for about 80% of the work. SDK integration was also mentioned as a pain point, especially when working with native systems that Flutter does not already support. The possibility of finding alternative ways to achieve the integration was explored. The meeting also touched on the integration of Mixpanel, which was considered easier to implement compared to Customer IO due to the difference in the number of hooks required. The participants discussed the multiple components within an app and how Flutter primarily focuses on the core part, while other services require direct configuration. The complexity of mobile apps compared to websites was also mentioned.

(Source: Office Hours 8/31/2023 AM )

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