Exploring Custom Lounge Options with Xano and alternative solution considerations

In this meeting, the State Changers discussion revolves around using custom lounges and the limitations of Lambda's in Xano. They mention that Lambda's in Xano are good for date manipulation, cryptography, and parallel processing. However, they highlight that Xano's support for Lambda's is limited and does not allow importing other Node.js packages. They suggest using Netlify instead for more complex Lambda functions, as it wraps AWS and has a generous free tier. The participant also mentions the lack of speed in Lambda's due to their own cold start problem. They agree to explore the Netlify option further and acknowledge the need for more power in Lambda's within Xano. They emphasize the benefits of using libraries or third-party services for tasks like composing images instead of coding it from scratch. Overall, the participant finds the given solution satisfactory and thanks the others for saving them time and effort.

(Source: Office Hours 12/2 )

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