Exploring Custom Push Notifications and Their Implementation for iOS and Android

In this meeting, the State Changer is asking Ray about custom push notifications and their potential value for users. The State Changer mentions Uber as an example of custom push notifications and wonders if it is possible to implement something similar using Flutter Plus. Ray explains that customizing push notifications involves modifying the payload on the server side and the client side. He mentions that firebase cloud messaging can be used to mediate the transmission and that different payloads can be sent to Android and iOS devices. Ray also explains that more advanced customization may require creating a notification content extension in Xcode. He advises the State Changer to consider the investment in terms of business value and technical complexity. The State Changer expresses interest in exploring this further and suggests the possibility of organizing an office hours session on iOS notification development with Flutter flow. The meeting then moves on to another topic involving Anthony.

(Source: Office Hours 6/19 )

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