Exploring Customer Service Applications with No-Code Tools

In this meeting, Amir expresses his interest in finding a customer service application that can be utilized with no-code tools. He mentions that he has always used Zendesk, but they do not support the Flutter SDK. He is looking for recommendations and insights on how to integrate customer support features, such as password reset links, into his product.

Ray suggests that Intercom is the go-to product for keeping track of user journeys and managing communication streams. However, he acknowledges that it can be relatively expensive. He also mentions that some companies prefer to roll their own customer service experience using in-house messaging systems, although this may not scale well. Amir mentions that he has considered adding small support features, such as an email address for contact support, but he also wants a more turnkey solution. Zendesk is highlighted as a commonly used product among indie software companies, especially those in the B2C market. Ray advises that for B2B companies, it may be better to have support touch a human being rather than a ticketing system, as it helps to understand the customer better. Amir shares his experience with a competitor's support system and how it prompted him to think about customer support for his upcoming sports app. He had initially planned to set up Zendesk through API integration, but he is now considering a more crafty solution. The meeting ends with a positive note, expressing appreciation and a commitment to work together throughout the week.

(Source: Office Hours 7/31/2023 )

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