Exploring Data Caching and Database Structure for API Integration

In this meeting, the participants discussed data caching and database structure with regards to API data caching. They talked about the ease of manipulating an existing database structure to make improvements, such as breaking up a giant table into multiple tables while still using the same API endpoint. They emphasized that as long as the input-output remains consistent, the data structures can be changed. The participants suggested creating parallel endpoints to test the new data structures and ensuring backward compatibility. They also highlighted the importance of a clean data structure and using the API endpoint to handle data wrangling. Additionally, they mentioned the process of transferring from a single monolithic document database to multiple tables, involving creating the new tables, copying data, and creating endpoints for retrieval. The participants noted that writing down and mapping out the process on paper can aid comprehension. Overall, the meeting provided insights on data caching and database structure in the context of API development.

(Source: Office Hours 3/3 )

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