Exploring E-commerce Platforms: Xano, Webflow, and Shopify

The State Changers discussed the best e-commerce platform for their needs. One member mentioned exploring Xano but was unsure if it was the right choice. They mentioned Stripe as an easy option to set up payments. Another member suggested considering Webflow's built-in e-commerce platform or Shopify as options. They emphasized starting with an easier solution and learning from it before potentially using Xano to build their own. The State Changers also discussed the issue of accepting donations, which Xano does not allow. The number of products and variants was mentioned, with concerns about managing a large number of SKUs. The discussion concluded with the advice to do research, try different platforms with time-limited experimentation, and focus on small experiments to find the best solution. The meeting ended, and office hours for the following week were mentioned.

(Source: Office Hours 6/30 - Downloading and saving files from API Calls with Xano )

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