Exploring Event-Driven Approaches for Request Handling in Web Development

In this meeting, the participants discussed a problem related to making a request in code and ensuring a two hundred response. They explored three different approaches to address the issue.

Approach one involved finding out where the request is made and using a window.trigger event to create a custom event. This event would trigger the code to run when it receives the event. Approach two suggested using the Observer API to check for mutations on the document. Whenever the document mutates in certain ways, the code would be executed. Approach three proposed using multiple set timeouts or set intervals to continuously check for the desired elements. Once the elements are found, the code would proceed and stop the interval. The first two approaches are event-driven, listening for specific signals from view or the DOM. The third approach is implicit and polling for changes. The participants concluded that the first approach is best practice while the third approach would offer the quickest progress. They recommended using set intervals in place of set timeouts and using clear interval to stop the code once the desired elements are found. Overall, it was a productive meeting, and they agreed to reconvene the following day.

(Source: Office Hours 9/13/2023 )

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