Exploring Integrating Libraries into Weweb

The meeting participants discussed the topic of embedding different libraries into Weweb. They mentioned that Weweb does not provide a UI for embedding libraries such as AnyChart, but it is possible to bring them in as a div and work with them in the code. The participants also discussed the option of creating custom view components in Weweb using Vue.js, but this feature is only available in the higher paid plan. They mentioned that creating a view component requires some work, but it is doable. They emphasized the potential for bringing in various libraries and capabilities into Weweb to enhance its functionality, such as Gantt charts or data grids. The participants pointed out the importance of a marketplace or ecosystem for no-code tools like Weweb to offer plugins or integrations with different libraries. They mentioned that Zapier is a good example of a tool that implements this effectively. The participants also discussed other no-code tools like Bubble and Xano, pointing out the limitations and the need for a more comprehensive ecosystem. Lastly, they mentioned the Weweb Embed Tool and the possibility of integrating Weweb with other tools like Webflow or FlutterFlow for copying and pasting components.

(Source: Office Hours 8/7/2023 )

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