Exploring JavaScript Integration in No-Code Environments

The meeting participants, referred to as State Changers, discussed the integration of libraries into the web development platform Weweb. They mentioned the importance of JavaScript in making things happen in the environments they work in. They also highlighted the need for unique libraries that go beyond the native UI components in Weweb, such as data grids or Kanban boards.

One participant shared their YouTube channel, State Change, which focuses on connecting libraries with Weweb. They mentioned examples of integrating libraries like a mathematical functions library or connecting Cloudflare with Weweb. The participants discussed different approaches to integrating UI libraries. They mentioned using JavaScript to bridge between the library and an empty holder element. They also discussed the difference between libraries that replace existing components and those that require adding custom JavaScript to create elements. The participants introduced themselves, with some mainly working with Weweb while others had experience with other platforms like Bubble, Flutter Flow, and Wiza. They emphasized the idea of moving from low code to Xano code and the importance of using JavaScript to extend the functionality of no code tools. The participants shared tips for working with JavaScript in a no code environment. They recommended keeping things simple, using JavaScript to handle actions like click events, and using JavaScript's keywords, such as "return" in functions. They also mentioned the value of experimenting and appending JavaScript code to existing code to discover new possibilities. The participant who presented shared examples of using JavaScript in Weweb, such as updating the UI with a mathjax library for mathematical symbols and encoding. They emphasized the opportunity to add flexibility with a moderate cost by leveraging JavaScript in no code environments. The meeting ended with a discussion of the participants' current challenges in working with JavaScript and no code environments, with the intention to address them in future sessions.

(Source: Deep Dive - Javascript for Low-Code 8/2/2023 )

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