Exploring Mobile Analytics Integration with Flutterflow and Xano

In this meeting, the participants discuss setting up mobile analytics infrastructure, specifically focusing on choosing the right analytics platform. The team talks about their previous experience with tools like Amplitude, Segment, and Mixpanel, and express the need for a platform that auto-tracks events. They also mention the challenges they faced in integrating front-end and back-end data.

They discuss the possibility of using Flutter Bridge to integrate Heap Analytics with Flutterflow, but acknowledge that this is new territory and may come with challenges, especially when dealing with native app components. They talk about the importance of testing and building step by step to ensure compatibility and functionality. They also mention reaching out to Flutterflow regarding pain points and suggesting the inclusion of instrumentation in their roadmap. The team acknowledges that Flutterflow has its strengths in providing a no-code environment, but they believe that creating a space for developers to work with Dart and integrate tools like Heap Analytics would be beneficial. The meeting concludes with the understanding that this is a complex problem that requires collective effort and everyone will benefit from finding a solution.

(Source: Office Hours 5/25 )

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