Exploring Onboarding Practices for a Commerce-Based Environment

During the meeting, the participants discussed the topic of onboarding and shared their insights and recommendations. David started the conversation by mentioning his post on the forum about best practices for onboarding in a commerce-based environment. He asked the participants if they had any recommendations or examples to share. Anthony suggested using Noodle, a training platform that guides users through the onboarding process step by step. He also mentioned using Xano to create a table with all the onboarding steps and having a developer walk users through the app. Another approach mentioned was to splash the whole page with text, images, or video for onboarding. Michael shared his perspective on onboarding from a security standpoint. He mentioned using cloudflare for site visitor verification, running checks against a list of disposable emails, and requiring email activation. He also explained his process of storing users in a temporary table until they complete all the onboarding steps before granting them full access. David expressed appreciation for Michael's insights and requested a link to the list of spammy emails. The meeting concluded with Amir mentioning that he had been sick but is now back and ready to continue working.

(Source: Office Hours 6/19 )

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