Exploring Persistent Data Solutions for Webflow Wise in Railway

In this meeting, the State Changers discuss the issue of persistence in a Docker container and how it relates to a project called Webflow Wise. They explore the different states of a Docker container - idle, active, and shut down - and the implications for disk space and memory. The State Changers also discuss the concept of a cold start and how it relates to serverless technology. They mention Railway and Xano as potential solutions for managing persistence and suggest modifying the Docker container and using a hosted database like Postgres. They discuss the possibility of creating a custom driver for Xano, but note that it would require significant work. The State Changers also analyze the code of Webflow Wise and identify opportunities to use the metadata API of Xano for dynamic database schema creation. They mention the importance of separating persistent and ephemeral data and suggest additional research on TypeORM and other drivers. They explore the use of the "app data source" in Webflow Wise and how it can be replaced with calls to Xano API endpoints. The meeting concludes with a discussion on importing and saving chat flows in Webflow Wise and the potential to use Postman to send requests to the proper server endpoints.

(Source: Deep Dive - Flowise 7/10 )

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