Exploring React as a Potential Tech Stack for Chart-Heavy Finance App

In this meeting, the State Changer, Camry, asks for advice on whether to use React or a different tech stack for building a finance app with chart-heavy components. The discussion highlights the benefits of using React for interactivity and complex data relationships. It is suggested that Camry, being technically sophisticated and curious, should experiment with React to gain a better understanding and make informed decisions in the future. The meeting also emphasizes the importance of finding the technology that allows for the fastest development, with React being a potential solution. The participants acknowledge that no-code tools may not handle all scenarios well and that introducing AI-assisted code generation could be a future evolution of the industry. Further, the meeting explores the concept of React-based single-page applications and the possibility of combining React with static pages using systems like Next.js or Remix. Ultimately, it is concluded that Camry is ready to try React and is encouraged to allocate time for learning and further exploration.

(Source: Office Hours 5/23 Extra: ReactJS )

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