Exploring Solutions for Document Formatting and SEO Optimization

The State Changers discussed the issue of formatting official rules and documentation in their bubble application. They found that using a rich text editor worked well for text-heavy sections but faced challenges when dealing with tables. They asked for suggestions on how to solve this problem. One option discussed was using a more sophisticated content management system with its own rich text editor. Another option was to use markdown, a simpler markup system that allows for tables and other formatting. The State Changers were also informed that using Google Docs or PDFs and providing links to them is a common solution but not ideal for SEO. It was suggested that Webflow, a static site generator, could be a good option for creating a marketing site with multiple pages and optimizing for SEO. The State Changers were advised to structure their Webflow pages as static documents rather than relying on database calls for improved search engine and AMP optimization. Other static site generators were mentioned as alternatives to Webflow. They decided to go with Webflow due to its online documentation.

(Source: Office Hours 11/4 )

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