Exploring the Capabilities of FlowWise and Addressing Data Storage Concerns

In this meeting, the participants discuss using Webflow and bot press to create interactive workflows. They also mention the potential of Zapier and the increasing features of bot press. The conversation shifts to the benefits of treating these tools as projects rather than products, as access to the underlying code can provide more insights. They mention the importance of exploring other APIs and libraries for data loading and customization. They discuss streaming versus transactional style and the advantages of streaming for user experience. The conversation then touches on model tuning, prompt engineering, and contextual data in improving models. They also discuss the use of persistent storage in Webflow and the potential risks of losing files if the Docker container is shut down. The participants suggest exploring the options available in Railway for persistent storage and considering alternatives like Repo or Render. They also mention the importance of setting up directories for persistent storage.

(Source: Deep Dive - Flowise 7/10 )

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