Exploring the Capabilities of Weweb and Integrating External Code

In this meeting, the participants discussed their experiences using a platform called Weweb. One participant mentioned that they found Weweb useful for developing a finance app and saw a lot of promise in it. They had a question about embedding script tags with Weweb and how it works. The presenter explained that while Weweb has a facility for adding custom code on a per page or per project basis, there is a new feature that allows for easier embedding of script tags in the editor. They demonstrated how to use this feature and also mentioned another feature called "Web Embed State Change," which allows for external code to be loaded into web actions in Weweb. The presenter emphasized that these features aim to bring the functionality of external and custom code into the Weweb context. They explained that Weweb also supports making custom Vue.js components and is an evolutionary branch of the React framework. The participants discussed how Weweb simplifies coding and allows developers to focus on more challenging aspects. The meeting ended with a mention of compliance concerns when dealing with potential partners in the financial industry.

(Source: Office Hours 5/29 )

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