Exploring the Challenges of SaaS Models, Pricing, and Market Segmentation

In this meeting, George discusses his plan to offer a SaaS model for his product. He conducted a panel with potential buyers in his industry and found that they preferred the SaaS model over the agency model. However, there are some challenges with the lower pricing model, particularly in relation to the cost of the mailing system. George explores different options for the mailing system, including creating individual child accounts for each firm or using a central mailing system. He expresses concerns about the security implications of the latter option. The State Changers discuss the importance of understanding the needs and desires of their clients, as well as the value they can provide. They consider the potential of serving both high-end and low-end markets, with a focus on building brand equity and offering a unique solution for each market segment. The State Changers also discuss the challenges of security and the need to invest in expertise and resources to address this concern. They emphasize the importance of listening to market feedback and understanding the pain points of potential clients. Ultimately, they suggest that by solving specific problems and meeting specific needs, George can create value and build a successful business.

(Source: Office Hours 1/16 )

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