Exploring the Limitations of Adalo and Considering Alternatives

In this meeting, the participants discuss the platform Adalo and its limitations. Dallow mentions concerns about the platform being slow and asks for any limitations or suggestions for using Adalo with the Xano combo. The participants share their experiences with Adalo and other platforms. Amir and Daniel mention that they have explored Adalo but decided to use Flutter Flow instead. They discuss the user-friendly interface of Adalo but highlight the limitations of the code base. They also mention that some Adalo users are not happy with the platform. The participants suggest that Adalo is good for creating a first version quickly but may not be scalable. They discuss the scalability concerns and suggest using tools like Flutter Flow or BigQuery for analysis of large datasets. They also mention Zano's performance issues for international traffic and suggest using a more native app or a serverless approach for better performance. They also discuss the use of wireframing tools like Just In Mind for designing the front end. The participants highlight that Adalo is a good data router but not ideal for data analysis and suggest using specialized tools like BigQuery for that purpose. Overall, they emphasize the importance of choosing the tool that allows for rapid development and learning, with the expectation that the first version may need to be rebuilt.

(Source: Office Hours 3/28 PM )

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