Exploring the potential of Wized for web development with Xano data and solving limitations with Webflow

In this meeting, the participants discussed using Wized, a tool that can help with web development and design. They mentioned how Wized allows you to design in Webflow and use dynamic data from Xano. They showed examples of using the Spline library and Wized to populate data and create interactive elements. The participants also talked about the limitations of Webflow and the challenges they faced in integrating certain functionalities. It was suggested that David should explore Wized to save time in the future, although it may not solve his current issue immediately. Bailey offered to share code and provide assistance in incorporating Spline functionality into David's project. The participants also mentioned upcoming office hours with Wized and shared the correct link to join. Overall, the meeting focused on utilizing Wized and finding solutions for web development challenges.

(Source: Office Hours 12/9 )

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