Exploring the Three-dimensional Viewer Capability in Xano and Weweb

In this meeting, the State Changers (meeting participants) discuss the process of integrating a three-dimensional (3D) viewer into their project. They go through the documentation and code to understand how to load the 3D viewer and manipulate its views. They explore the options for switching between different views and discuss the possibility of triggering view changes from external buttons. They also consider the need for separate containers for the map viewer and 3D viewer. They identify the location in the code where the 3D viewer can be loaded and highlight the importance of ensuring the div containers for each viewer have different names. The participants also mention the need to make the 3D view invisible by default and show it only when required. Towards the end, they discuss another task related to using an API for user identification and scanning ID cards. They plan to explore this in a future meeting. Overall, they make progress in understanding and implementing the 3D viewer integration.

(Source: Office Hours 7/5 - Handling Unhappy Paths, Adding more custom views in Bubble )

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