Exploring Third-Party APIs and the Safety of Using Rapid API

In this meeting, the State Changer discusses the successful solution they found for creating a report using cloud convert. They passed the user's token as a URL parameter to access the report and print a PDF.

They then bring up the difficulty of accessing Zillow's API for using Bridge Interactive. The State Changer ended up using Rapid API as a workaround but expresses concerns about its safety and how it offers APIs that Zillow doesn't provide access to. The State Changer wants to know if they would be penalized or if the API would be taken down if someone using the API breaks the terms of service. The State Changer is informed that the outcome depends on the situation. If the API is used by criminals, other users might be affected as well. However, Rapid API usually works to keep their relationship with the vendor intact and prevent misuse. There is some risk involved in using a third-party API, but the State Changer is assured that mainstream third-party providers are generally not a significant source of risk. They also discuss the difference between various APIs available on Rapid API and the slower response time of some APIs. The State Changer is advised to determine the best APIs for their specific use case and be cautious of scraping-based APIs that might violate terms of service. The State Changer then asks if there are alternatives to Rapid API and direct access to Zillow or Bridge Interactive. They mention difficulties in accessing Bridge Interactive and Preston, who has a real estate background, offers to find a contact and explore alternate options with broader data. They mention that these alternatives may be more expensive depending on the region. Finally, the State Changer suggests sharing information about the competitors and their APIs with the rest of the group, as it could be valuable for others. They plan to follow up with Preston after the meeting.

(Source: Office Hours 2/24 )

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