Exploring Tooling Options for Dashboard Development and React Adaptation

In this meeting, the State Changers discussed the use case of creating a reports dashboard from scratch using React or a no-code tool like Webflow. They emphasized the importance of understanding the requirements and technical capacity before choosing the right tool. The idea of having a shopper's mindset and exploring various tools and libraries was encouraged.

The State Changers suggested looking into tools like Weweb, which has built-in charting capabilities, or React-based charting libraries. They also mentioned advanced visualization tools like D3.js, but noted that they can be complicated to work with. Tailwind UI, a component library for React, was recommended as a starting point for creating structures of applications. The meeting participants discussed the trade-offs between React and no-code tools. React provides more control but requires more decision-making and ownership of the application, while a no-code tool handles more concerns for the user. They emphasized the need to find a middle ground and adapt existing solutions to minimize development time and effort. Overall, the meeting highlighted the importance of understanding requirements, exploring different tools, and leveraging existing libraries and frameworks to create a reports dashboard efficiently.

(Source: Office Hours 5/23 Extra: ReactJS )

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