Exploring Xano and Weweb for Streamlined Web Development

In this meeting, the State Changers discussed the use of an infinite scroll and pause on a hover feature for a project. They considered using an existing solution that already had the desired functionalities instead of coding it themselves. The participants emphasized the importance of tool selection and not necessarily needing a perfect solution, but rather something that meets most requirements. They suggested exploring the option further and experimenting with it to see if it fits their needs. The State Changers also discussed the potential integration of the solution with their existing codebase, including using jQuery and accommodating touch-based interaction for mobile devices. They acknowledged the need to allocate time for experimentation and suggested starting with a small example before fully integrating it into the project. The participants also discussed the licensing aspect of the solution, noting that an open-source license may be sufficient for their needs. They found a commercial license option as well and suggested considering it if the solution proves effective. The meeting concluded with a recommendation to proceed in this direction and to consult a friend for assistance in implementing the solution.

(Source: Office Hours 10/17 )

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