Exploring Xano Performance and Collaboration for Building an App

In this meeting, the State Changers discuss various topics related to building an app and optimizing performance. They start by complimenting each other on previous advice and successful implementation. They then discuss the use of lambdas in Xano and how it didn't save much time in this particular case. They realize that the real value of lambdas is in reducing loops and complexity in Xano. They also discuss the need for accountability and a structured approach to working together on the project. The State Changers suggest using Excel or form inputs as the front end and exploring the Google Sheets or Microsoft Excel APIs. They emphasize the importance of understanding market requirements and focusing on precision and completeness for the app. They also mention an accelerator program that could be helpful for further development. Overall, the meeting covers topics like lambdas, front-end development, market requirements, and accountability.

(Source: Office Hours 9/5/2023 )

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