Exploring Xano, Weweb, and Authentication in Development Projects

In this meeting, the State Changer (presumably the host) welcomes Vaz, who is new to working with Xano. Vaz expresses appreciation for the mental model used in approaching projects and mentions that their issue has already been resolved with the help of the Xano community.

Vaz explains that they have been using two platforms, "Beti Block" and "WEM," which handle both backend and front end. They also mention a third platform, Wized, which is used for enterprise-grade systems. Vaz is excited to work with Xano and mentions the possibility of introducing it to colleagues who are not technical but would benefit from its tools. They discuss a specific project Vaz is working on, involving copying projects, including communications, start dates, and possibly tasks. Vaz is considering turning this complex logic into a reusable function for easier management. They also discuss the authentication system and session control in their project. By adding a session record and assigning a UUID to the authentication token, Vaz has implemented a custom function called "check session" that runs as a precondition in every endpoint. This allows for additional checks and control over session variables. Vaz mentions the advantage of Xano's deployment model, where they can run the synchronization process on their own server without bothering other clients. The meeting concludes with Vaz expressing gratitude for the support and knowledge gained from working with Xano. They plan to continue learning and exploring filters in Xano. Overall, the meeting covered topics such as platform comparisons, project-specific challenges, and implementation of custom functions in Xano.

(Source: Office Hours 8/17/2023 AM )

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