Exploring Xano, Weweb, and Bubble: Performance and Code Optimization

In this meeting, the participants discuss the topic of running JavaScript in the context of Xano and Bubble. They address the concept of cold start in JavaScript and explain how Xano uses a function as a service approach with separate containers to run JavaScript code. They also talk about the cost associated with serializing and deserializing data in JavaScript runtimes. The biggest cost is usually the cold start, which can be unpleasant when dealing with API requests. They also mention that running bigger Lambda functions once is more efficient than running smaller Lambda functions multiple times due to overhead. They briefly touch on using JavaScript in Bubble and mention that plugins in Bubble are mostly client-side. The meeting concludes with the participants asking for any final questions or concerns.

(Source: Deep Dive - Javascript for Low-Code 8/2/2023 )

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