Extracting and Structuring Ingredients from API Data

The meeting involved three State Changers: Justin, and two other participants. Justin explained that he is working on a food ordering app that pulls data from an API and needs to extract ingredients from the item descriptions. Justin shared his screen and showed the code where the data was being fetched and displayed. They discussed using an iterator to go through each product, and the use of a "stop and debug" function to test the code.

The discussion then shifted towards how to structure the data and extract the ingredients. One suggestion was to use OpenAI's GPT technology, where you can input a prompt and get formatted results as JSON text. Another participant, David, mentioned using free tokens available for OpenAI. They also discussed the limitations of Zeno, another tool being considered, which is better suited for mechanical processes rather than judgment-based tasks like ingredient extraction. Justin expressed interest in exploring the OpenAI approach further and thanked the participants for their insights. They concluded the meeting by agreeing to focus on Justin's situation next.

(Source: Office Hours 1/12 )

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