Finding a Solution for Passing Dynamic Parameters in a FlutterFlow App

In this meeting, the participants discuss the challenge of passing dynamic parameters into a web view in an app built with Flutterflow. They discover that the preview feature in Flutterflow is causing difficulties in achieving this. They also discuss the need to pass geolocation coordinates from Flutterflow into either Xano or through an API for a mobile app with a web view. One participant mentions an issue with the formatting of the coordinates as north and west instead of positive and negative values. The participants then delve into the technical details, exploring different ways to solve the problem.

They discuss Flutterflow as a low-code front-end design tool for building mobile apps, similar to AppGiver. They also mention Flutter and React Native as two main schools for building cross-platform mobile apps. They explore various options within Flutterflow to retrieve and manipulate the geolocation data and suggest creating a new variable in the app state to store the latitude. They also consider retrieving the latitude from Firebase if necessary. The meeting ends with a discussion about the potential solution and the idea of using a backend solution if the current approach doesn't work. One participant advises against relying heavily on the backend for this specific issue, emphasizing the potential complications and risks involved. They agree to continue exploring a no-code solution before considering a backend alternative.

(Source: Office Hours 4/10 )

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