Finding Cost-Effective Solutions for Client Requests in Education App Development

In this meeting, Evan is seeking advice on how to address a client's request for additional features and improvements to an existing project. The client is struggling to articulate their exact needs and wants to track progress over time in a more detailed and comprehensive way. Evan is looking for solutions to offer the client that are both cost-effective and align with the current project structure. Braden suggests taking a step back and identifying the primary objective for the client, focusing on delivering maximum value in the shortest time. He advises Evan to avoid confrontational discussions with the client and instead act as a trusted advisor to help identify and prioritize the most important features. Braden also highlights the importance of prototyping and iteration in the development process. Finally, Evan asks if it is acceptable to refuse additional feature requests that are outside the scope of the existing project. Braden suggests having a clear engagement agreement in place to avoid misunderstandings and emphasizing the need for communication and alignment with the client's goals. Daniel provides additional advice, suggesting market research and seeking insights from domain experts to guide future development decisions.

(Source: Office Hours 9/5/2023 )

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