Fixing Login Issues and Sending Auth Token with Xano and Webflow

During this meeting, the team identified and discussed several issues with the login process. There was confusion around why the field value was consistently zero and why the login was not working on the front end. They discovered that the login request was being sent as a GET request instead of a POST request, which was causing a 404 error. They made updates to the code to change the method to POST and resolved the issue. They also addressed a problem with the content type being set to text plain instead of form-urlencoded, which was preventing the auth token from being recognized. They made changes to the code to correct the content type header. After making these updates, the login process started working correctly and the team confirmed that the auth token was being received. They discussed next steps for resolving other authentication issues and agreed to continue working on them in future meetings.

(Source: Office Hours 3/1 )

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