Handling Booking Cancellations and Availability Management

During the meeting, the participants discussed a problem related to creating and deleting bookings in their system. They explained the logic they are currently using and identified some issues and potential solutions. The main problem they encountered was when a user creates a booking and then deletes it, they need to handle the availability of that booking correctly. They are looking for a way to determine the availability of the half week that was originally booked. They discussed the possibility of using conditional statements and database queries to solve this problem. They also considered the scenarios where a full week was booked versus a half week, and the different logic that would need to be applied in each case. The participants shared their insights and ideas, and made progress in understanding the problem and finding potential solutions. The meeting ended with a request for information on hourly one-on-one sessions with one of the meeting participants.

(Source: Office Hours 11/18 )

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