Handling Error Codes and Storing Withdrawal Amount: Meeting Discussion on Xano, API, and Javascript

In this meeting, the following key topics were discussed:

1. Managing error codes and script execution: There was a discussion about understanding the head script to receive error codes and how to effectively manage them. 2. Input field and page navigation: One participant mentioned the need to input a withdrawal amount through an input field and navigate to another page for the embed to load. They were unsure if saving it in session storage was the right approach. 3. Displaying content on the same page: A participant asked if it was feasible to display content on the same page instead of redirecting users to a different page. They provided an example related to displaying NBA game details. 4. API call within an API call: A participant had a question about passing parameters in an API request for an API call within another API call. 5. Handling undefined values in form input fields: One participant sought ideas for preventing undefined values from showing up in input fields when populating data from a Xano request. 6. Staging data in Xano: A participant inquired about staging data in Xano or managing staging in production environments for their project. 7. Managing dynamic data: A participant faced challenges with handling dynamic data, especially when certain key fields did not always show up or when key items changed between iterations. 8. Efficiently adding objects to an array: A participant asked for a better method to add objects to the end of an array instead of using a for loop. 9. Understanding set if not empty and set if not null functions: One participant sought clarity on the differences and use cases of these filter functions. 10. Availability of form submissions: A participant asked if all form submissions were accessible for review or if they were only visible to specific individuals. Overall, the meeting covered a range of technical topics related to error handling, page navigation, API calls, data handling, form submissions, and array manipulation.

(Source: Office Hours 3/2 )

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