Helping with API Integration between Bubble and Xano

In this meeting, the participants discuss their experiences with Bubble and Xano. One participant, Camir, expresses their preference for Xano over Bubble. Camir then raises an issue with pushing an array from Bubble to Xano using the API connector. They share their screen to show the problem and Ray suggests removing the quotation marks around the array elements. After making the necessary changes, Camir successfully pushes the array to Xano. They also discuss how to make it work dynamically. They go through the workflow where the push is happening and make adjustments to the dynamic data and format settings. Camir tries the push again and encounters a missing file resource error, which they resolve by adding a required image. The issue is resolved and the array is successfully pushed to Xano. The meeting ends positively, with the participants expressing gratitude for the help and looking forward to making progress.

(Source: Office Hours 10/28 )

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