How to Build a Data Structure for Recording and Summarizing Training Sessions

In this meeting, the State Changers discuss a system where users can log their training sessions and track their progress. They mention the need to create a summary page showing the total hours of structured and unstructured training, as well as the remaining hours needed to meet the training requirements.

They discuss using Xano, a back-end tool, and explore its functionality for querying and aggregating data. They explain how to use the aggregate feature to group data by certain criteria and perform calculations such as counting, summing, and finding distinct values. They also touch on how to sort the data and use the output in a response object. They experiment with different queries and outputs to test their understanding. Throughout the meeting, the State Changers express their enthusiasm and satisfaction with the capabilities of Xano. They acknowledge that their understanding of the tool is growing and mention the need for better tutorials to fully grasp its potential. They also discuss the challenge of explaining the conceptual aspects of back-end development to clients. Overall, the meeting provides valuable insights into using Xano for data management and highlights the importance of thinking in multiple dimensions when working with back-end systems.

(Source: Office Hours 12/21 )

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