How to Clone and Create Repositories in GitHub with Visual Studio Code and GitHub Desktop

In this meeting, the State Changers, Anthony and Daniel, discuss how to clone an existing repository in Git and make changes to it. Anthony wants to clone a repo and create a new one to make changes without affecting the original.

Daniel suggests a hacky way to achieve this: opening the terminal in Visual Studio Code, navigating to the existing repo's hidden directory called ".git", and deleting it using the command "del .git". After deleting the directory, they open GitHub Desktop and add the local repository by selecting the folder. They rename the folder to avoid conflicts, delete the ".git" directory again, and try the process again in GitHub Desktop to create a new GitHub repository. They encounter some issues with authentication and logging into GitHub, so they try a few times before successfully creating the new repository. Daniel advises Anthony to make his changes on the new repository and integrate them back into Weweb. He encourages Anthony to take it step by step and mentions that there'll be more things to explore in future meetings. The meeting concludes with Anthony expressing gratitude and looking forward to future interactions.

(Source: Office Hours 9/7/2023 )

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