How to retrieve a list of unselected artworks using Xano

In this meeting, David has a question about creating a set from a query that excludes items from another set. He explains that he has a database of artworks and a table of favorites. He wants to select the artworks that have not been selected as favorites. Ray suggests using Xano and walks David through the process of creating queries to achieve this.

They start by querying all the art selected by the user and simplify the results to just the artwork IDs. Then they loop through each ID and add it to an array variable called "favorite art". Next, they query all the artworks and use a conditional to filter out the ones that are in the "favorite art" array. Finally, they set the response to be the list of artworks they want. Ray mentions that this method may be complex, but it helps to make the logic clearer. They schedule another meeting for the next day and encourage David to reach out if other meeting times work better for him.

(Source: Office Hours 6/23: Google Service Accounts and a Complex Database Query )

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