Implementing Authorization and Token Validation in FlutterFlow

Summary: In this meeting, the State Changers discuss the implementation of locks and security measures in their app using Flutterflow, Firebase, and Xano. They review the process of obtaining and validating the ID token, and decide that the token is no longer needed for authentication once the auth token is received from Xano. They also discuss the importance of the JWS decode in validating the signature of the token to ensure it originated from Google. The State Changers consider the security aspect of storing the JWT token and decide that it is not necessary. They then explore the idea of introducing time-based security measures to expire the token after a certain period. They make the necessary adjustments in the code to check the age of the token and prevent its use if it is too old. Overall, the meeting focuses on simplifying the implementation of locks and enhancing security measures in the app.

(Source: Office Hours 8/31/2023 AM )

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