Implementing Auto-sizing with Auto Wized - Meeting Transcript Insights

During this meeting, the main challenge discussed was a text box that was not behaving as intended and not expanding when more content was added. The participant mentioned finding a solution called "auto-size" from a link provided by another person. However, they were unsure about how to implement it and needed guidance.

The discussion focused on finding the documentation for "auto-size" and understanding how to use it. The participant mentioned finding the documentation on the website that the link led to. They also mentioned using JS Deliver as a solution to incorporate "auto-size" into their code. The meeting concluded with the participant copying the necessary code from the documentation and implementing it into their webflow code. The solution was successfully applied, and the participant expressed gratitude for the assistance. Towards the end of the meeting, there was brief conversation about future plans, including exploring another tool called Zeno and discussing sports preferences. Overall, the meeting revolved around troubleshooting the issue with the text box and successfully integrating the "auto-size" solution.

(Source: Office Hours 5/1 )

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