Implementing Highlighting and State Synchronization for Betting App with Xano and Weweb

The meeting revolved around a technical issue related to highlighting elements on a web page based on user selections. The State Changer: Time presented their code and explained that they were trying to achieve a similar effect to Wized caching. They wanted to display different colors for selected and unselected elements based on API responses.

The participants discussed the need to add classes or identifiers to the elements in order to find and update them dynamically. They also discussed the importance of associating the data with the elements so that selection highlighting could be applied correctly. The participants provided guidance on how to modify the code to include the necessary classes and identifiers. They suggested using JavaScript's classList.add() method and the unique ID of the propositions to create the association between data and elements. Additionally, they discussed the process of updating the element styles based on data from the backend. The participant suggested creating a function that could be called whenever the data was received, and this function would update the element styles accordingly. They also emphasized the importance of properly structuring the HTML elements and adding the necessary classes to be able to identify and update specific elements based on the data. The meeting concluded with a discussion about the limitations of using code within a no-code environment and the potential need to explore using a framework like React for more complex applications. Overall, the meeting focused on resolving the technical issue of highlighting selected elements on a web page and provided guidance on how to structure the code and update the styles based on data.

(Source: Office Hours 3/24 )

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