Implementing Password Reset Workflow with Xano and Weweb: API Calls, Hashing, and Variable Reset

In this meeting, Connie shares her progress with creating a reset password link and asks for feedback from the group. She walks through her code and explains the steps she took to generate a reset token, send an email, and handle the password reset on the back end. She mentions that she couldn't find the hash function mentioned in a video, but Anthony explains that the database handles hashing automatically when saving the password. They discuss the difference between text and password inputs for Xano and clarify that the password input should be set as text when writing to the database. Anthony assures Connie that her flow looks fine and suggests testing it to confirm. They also discuss resetting variables in Weweb and agree that using the location.reload function is an effective way to reset page variables. Carrie offers to show her own flow for resetting variables in case Connie finds it helpful. They plan to connect again later to discuss further details.

(Source: Office Hours 2/2 )

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