Implementing Seat Availability with Weweb and Co-Chair

In this meeting, the participants discussed the progress they have made so far. They talked about accessing the header and the 3D digital venue in Bubble, and how to control the map view. They also discussed the responsive layout and how to handle different screen sizes. The participants then went on to discuss JavaScript promises and how they can be used to handle asynchronous code. They talked about using the console log function to display data from Xano in the browser console. They also explored the documentation for the 3D viewer and learned about setting the availability of seats and sections. They implemented code to push seat and section IDs into arrays and used the viewer's set availability function to display the availability of seats on the map. They encountered some issues with the code, but they resolved most of them through troubleshooting. They discussed the next steps, including finding the correct seat and section IDs and further customizing the map view. They scheduled future meetings to continue their work.

(Source: Office Hours 6/24 - Figuring Out a Client-Side API )

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