Improving Cache Management in FlutterFlow: Finding a Solution for Repeated API Calls

The meeting discussed an issue in Flutterflow regarding repeated calls on the deployed app. The participant identified the root cause as a caching feature in Flutter that constantly rebuilds and listens for rebuilds. They proposed implementing a cache to prevent stale data, and considered options like page-level or app-level caching and clearing the caches. They also discussed different approaches to refreshing the cache, including using time-based or event-based triggers. They mentioned reaching out to Flutterflow and Xano for solutions and to address the issue. The participants explored similarities with React's shadow dom and the need for improvements in Flutter's caching and state management. They acknowledged the challenge of finding the right balance between excessive and insufficient caching. The meeting ended with a suggestion to involve others and gather more insights from the Flutterflow community.

(Source: Office Hours 6/23/23 )

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