Improving Code Functionality and Performance

In this meeting, the participant named Cam shares his screen to explain a coding issue he is facing. He has been using Chat GPT to duplicate and break up a fiscal year period in his code. However, he is encountering an "invalid time value" error when running a specific formula. Ray suggests that Cam should create a separate function for this particular job instead of having it inline with other code. He recommends using a map function to update the array of periods and suggests that Cam could ask for code comments from Chat GPT to better understand and modify the code. Additionally, Ray explains that using a map function in Xano might be slower but easier to understand compared to using a Lambda. Cam agrees with Ray's suggestions and expresses gratitude for the advice. The meeting ends with Cam stating that he will turn his attention to Anthony.

(Source: Office Hours 9/6/2023 )

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