Improving Data Display in Wized and Webflow

In this meeting, David discusses his progress on developing a methodology for showing nonprofit data without modifying the original records. He explains that he has set up fields for directors, missions, programs, populations, and a field for determining if the director is active. He then goes on to explain his process of creating substrings and concatenating them based on certain conditions. He seeks assistance on how to put these substrings back into the payload of what is sent back to the front end. They discuss editing the variables and updating the item's fields to achieve this. Towards the end of the meeting, they discuss potential instructional videos or resources to help others in the community. They agree to set up a recording session to walk through the process together. David also mentions a favorite button that needs to be implemented as a Webflow form with hidden variables. They discuss potential caveats and gotchas related to hidden fields in Webflow forms. The meeting ends with them planning the next steps for setting up the recording session and sharing resources.

(Source: Office Hours 1/6 )

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