Improving Database Performance and API Calls for Xano Integration

summarize the meeting for you:

During the meeting, the State Changer discussed their messy Xano set up and explained that they are working on a management platform for property management companies. They are currently facing issues with processing data into Xano quickly and efficiently. They mentioned that they have loaded 20% of their clients' properties into the system, which equates to 150,000 records. However, the process takes approximately 90 minutes to run, and they want to be able to run it every three hours. They are concerned about the increasing load time as they continue to add more clients and properties. They then explained the structure of the API responses they receive per property and how they currently store the data in their database. They mentioned that each property has 700 different records stored in their table. The State Changer also highlighted that their main concern was the performance of adding or editing records in their database. They mentioned that they want to reduce the number of times the add or edit process runs. They are looking for ways to optimize the process and mentioned ideas such as checking for modified information and reducing unnecessary queries. The meeting participant, referred to as the Helpful Summary Provider, provided some insights on improving performance. They suggested two approaches: first, reducing the number of add or edit record operations by checking for changes before performing the operation, and second, caching rates data in memory to avoid unnecessary database queries. The Helpful Summary Provider also mentioned that using dot syntax instead of get filters could improve performance, as get filters can be slower due to the way Xano handles them. They suggested avoiding excessive use of get filters and using dot syntax where possible. Overall, the meeting focused on finding ways to optimize the Xano set up and improve the performance of the data processing and storage. The State Changer received valuable insights and ideas for improving their system's efficiency.

(Source: Office Hours 9/27 )

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