Improving Efficiency and Data Cleanliness in Workplace Incident Tracking

In the meeting, State Changers discussed the issue of a slow-loading list when adding thousands of items. One suggestion was to use a search bar instead of a dropdown list, allowing users to type in at least three characters before the list appears. Another option was to have a search bar with a dynamic dropdown list generated as users type, making calls to the backend to search for employers. The concern was raised about maintaining clean data and structuring the information correctly. It was suggested to have users fill in the form initially and then use backend logic to suggest and fill in information later on. The issue of data reveal and privacy was also discussed, with the possibility of revealing employer names based on user searches. The suggestion was to have users fill out the form without auto-filling to maintain privacy. Data cleaning and deduplication were mentioned as future considerations. Finally, the meeting touched on GDPR compliance and the decision to restrict the platform to US users only.

(Source: Office Hours 2/3 )

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