Improving Error Handling and User Experience in Dialogflow

The meeting participants, referred to as State Changers, discussed various topics related to troubleshooting and improving the user experience.

- They talked about sharing screens and providing assistance to each other. - They discussed the landing page and its importance. - They expressed gratitude for the help provided in increasing performance. - They mentioned the need to make improvements to the current system and gather viewpoints on the current setup. - They walked through the current process in detail, explaining how messages are received and processed using Google AccessO and Dialogflow. - They discussed the logic and conditions involved in handling different scenarios and generating responses. - They considered the need for better error messages and user feedback in case of unsuccessful matches or gaps in the system. - They talked about the importance of being alerted about these errors and suggested using SMS notifications via high-level as a solution. - They proposed storing error situations in a database for further analysis and optimization of the system. - They emphasized the importance of understanding user behavior and using their feedback to improve the system. - They encouraged enjoying the process and making it fun for everyone involved. Overall, the meeting focused on troubleshooting issues, improving the user experience, and implementing better error handling and feedback mechanisms.

(Source: Office Hours 7/8 )

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