Improving Flexbox Layout and Responsiveness

In this meeting, the participants discuss the issue of aligning and displaying fields horizontally in a mobile view using flexbox. They encounter problems with the layout collapsing and fields disappearing. They explore different options and strategies to achieve the desired outcome.

The participants experiment with changing the height to auto and using different justify and align properties to control the layout. They also discuss the trade-off between control and responsiveness, as well as the importance of letting the tool do what it's designed for. They suggest using a div instead of columns and adding a flexbox for better control over the layout. They recommend experimenting with different justify and align options to achieve the desired outcome. They also mention the importance of labeling elements for better understanding and troubleshooting in the future. Overall, the meeting focuses on finding a solution to align and display fields horizontally in a mobile view using flexbox and emphasizes the importance of understanding and experimenting with different flexbox properties.

(Source: Office Hours 4/7 )

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