Improving Front-End Performance and Real-Time Communication Options


In this meeting, the State Changers discussed various topics related to the front-end and back-end of their application. They mentioned that they are currently using AppGyver as their front-end solution but plan to switch to a different one in the coming months due to limitations with Skype. They also discussed the issue of receiving many GET requests on page mount focused events, leading to 502 errors. They explored different approaches to tackle this issue, including using long polling, WebSockets, or introducing API level caching on a per-user basis. The State Changers highlighted the importance of implementing a subscription model for real-time updates and mentioned services like Pusher and Convex that provide WebSocket support. They discussed how to integrate these services with their front-end tool and mentioned the possibility of using webhooks to communicate with Xano. The issue of scaling up their Xano plan was also brought up, with the suggestion to increase memory resources to handle the increasing load and reduce 502 errors. They mentioned the need to monitor memory utilization and the impact of scaling plans on application performance. Lastly, the State Changers discussed the implementation of an event log to track and display user activity and updates within the company. They recommended storing this information in a database and creating functions for adding events to the log to maintain consistency and facilitate future changes. Overall, the meeting focused on addressing front-end and back-end challenges, exploring alternative solutions, and discussing strategies for handling scalability and real-time updates.

(Source: Office Hours 7/21/2023 )

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