Improving Function Stacks and Database Queries for a Project Using Xano

The meeting participants, State Changers, discussed a project that involves using Draftbit for the front end and Xano for the back end. The project involves hitting an external API to get flight scheduling information from vendors. State Changers expressed concern about the speed of certain functions, particularly one that took 20 minutes to run and involved sending SMS alerts. They also mentioned having difficulty with some aspects of Xano, as they were more familiar with SQL. State Changers suggested optimizing the function stack and exploring the possibility of increasing the server tier to improve speed. The meeting focused on addressing the 20-minute issue and improving efficiency. It was suggested to lift up the database queries and implement joins and filters to reduce the number of queries being made. Other suggestions included using add-ons to improve query speed and updating the logic to only update the queue alerts table once for each flight leg. State Changers were satisfied with these suggestions and expressed gratitude for the help. There was also a mention of using Ethers JS for blockchain functionality and exploring wallet-based authentication for Draftbit. The meeting ended on a positive note, with State Changers feeling optimistic about the improvements that can be made.

(Source: Office Hours 10/3 )

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